3 thoughts on “Tell your Friends & Family about iHaul iMove”

  1. IHAUL IMOVE is the best! They always go above and beyond when they help me move. Matt and his crew were able to fit me into their schedule per a VERY last-minute request from me. I am/was so grateful. I knew it made their day longer. Thank you thank you! See you guys soon.

  2. Just had carpeting replaced and had to find someone to move my piano and organ out to the garage for a few days. The two young men did a great job moving two very heavy pieces of furniture – plus coming back to move the piano back into the house. Thank you, Matt, for the professional way that your crew accomplished this. You’ve got my vote!

  3. I HAUL I MOVE was great! Matt fit me into the schedule quickly. The 2 young men that moved my furniture were very polite and hard working. They were amazing! Thank you very much!

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