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🎉🚚 iHaul iMove Affiliate Program - An Exciting Opportunity Awaits!

📣💼 A Brief Message From Our Dynamic Founder & CEO, Matthew Young

🔥 Get ready for an exciting journey with the iHaul iMove Affiliate Program! This isn’t just another program – it’s a golden ticket to earning extra income by simply referring customers to our top-notch moving services. 🎯 The moment you join, you’re already a winner with $50 for your first referral and a welcome bonus of $50 – Yes, that’s $100, right off the bat! 💰 No matter if you’re a local storage unit owner, a savvy real estate agent, or anyone eager to collaborate, our doors are wide open for you. 🌐

❓🎁 Why Join Our Affiliate Program? The Perks Are Endless!

Dive into our affiliate program and unlock a treasure trove of opportunities. 💎 With every customer you refer to our business, you’re not just earning referral fees, you’re building an empire of passive income. 💸 Think of it as a fun and rewarding way to earn extra cash without investing a dime into marketing or advertising. 🚀

But that’s not all! We love spoiling your customers too! We offer exclusive discounts and promotions for all your referrals. 🛍️ When you choose us, they get the best value and service – it’s a win-win! We’re all about building long-term relationships and ensuring your customers receive exceptional service and support. 🥇

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Is your heart racing with excitement? Ours too! 💓 Are you ready to join this thrilling voyage of limitless opportunities? Don’t wait another minute! Fill out our form below and let’s soar to new heights together! 🎈

Bronze Rewards

2-4 Completed Referrals
$ 50
Per Completed Referral
  • 2nd Completed Referral: $100 Transferable iHaul iMove gift card*
  • 2nd Completed Referral: Receive a dedicated profile page on our website with an outbound link.
  • Benefits For Your Clients: 10% Discount on Our Hourly Rate
  • $25, $50, or $100 off depending on the value of the their move

Silver Rewards

5-9 Completed Referrals
$ 75
Per Completed Referral
  • Svg Vector Icons : 5th Completed Referral: $250 Transferable iHaul iMove gift card*
  • Svg Vector Icons : 5th Completed Referral: Personal blog post on our website. Link will be included on previously created profile page.
  • Svg Vector Icons : Benefits For Your Clients: 15% Discount on Our Hourly Rate
  • Svg Vector Icons : $25, $50, or $100 off depending on the value of the their move

Gold Rewards

10+ Completed Referrals
$ 100
Per Completed Referral
  • Svg Vector Icons : 10th Completed Referral: $500 Transferable iHaul iMove gift card*
  • Svg Vector Icons : 10th Completed Referral: Social media promotion, in eluding Facebook & Youtube posts, as well as Google My Business.
  • Svg Vector Icons : Benefits For Your Clients: 20% Discount on Our Hourly Rate
  • Svg Vector Icons : $25, $50, or $100 off depending on the value of the their move

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be invited to a referral portal for any leads you have. From there you can refer a customer to us and check on the status of any of the referrals you have submitted. Watch our quick “How To” video for help.

No. We hope that we can develop a long-term mutually beneficial partnership.

Referrals are paid out at the beginning of each month for referred moved completed during the previous calendar month.

You can access this information in the referral portal you will be registered on upon signing up for the program. We will also have a monthly newsletter with a leaderboard for assistance with tracking progress.

Absolutely! We would love to care for your personal move, business move, junk removal, or any other assistance you may require. Then you can experience for yourself what makes iHaul iMove a great company.

You receive credit for every COMPLETED move during the calendar month it is completed in.

Therefore, if they simply reschedule, you will get credit for the referral once their move is completed.

Yes, feel free to make use of our branding on your website or wherever else you would like to for referral/advertising purposes. 

Feel free to refer friends and colleagues that you think would like to benefit from our affiliate program as well.

"I’ve never had so much fun moving before! The team we had were so polite and friendly. They listened to everything I wanted done, moved very quickly, broke nothing and kept my husband roped in on each item. We shared cold drinks with them and laughed our way to a successful move! I called my realtor and told her, if you need movers for other clients - I recommend these guys! "
Amber Harper
Customer 2021
"Excellent team. Matthew, Cody, and Cylk were a professional team. They handled my items like they were their own. Friendly and kind. So helpful and responsive to all my request. Highly recommend this company!"
Kimberly Emmons
Customer 2023

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