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The Best Moving Checklist You Can Have:

How to Prepare For Your Move:

The best way to prepare for a move (whether you’re moving across town or cross
country) is to know exactly what you’re in for. Remember that moving can be very
stressful, so it’s best to try to be prepared for everything that is going to come your
way (and maybe give yourself some room for things you aren’t prepared for).
The first thing you need to do is ensure that you have everything you need to start
your moving process. That includes all of your packing materials.
To relieve some of the stress of moving, make sure you have a checklist, so you don’t
have to run out for additional supplies. If you aren’t sure what you should include on this checklist, here is a good start:

Your Moving Item Checklist:

❏ Boxes
❏ Tape
❏ Newspaper (or Packing Paper)
❏ Bubble Wrap
❏ Cling Wrap
❏ Sandwich Bags (for small parts when disassembling furniture)
❏ Trash Bags
❏ Cleaning Supplies
❏ Markers (for marking boxes)

Your Moving To-Do Checklist:

❏ Budget For Your Move
❏ Schedule Your Move Date
❏ Contact Your Moving Company
❏ Contact Storage Company (If Applicable)
❏ Order Boxes and Packing Materials
❏ Order Cleaning Supplies
❏ Start Packing (Begin with items you don’t use frequently)

Your Change of Address Notification List:

❏ Post Office
❏ Accountant
❏ Banks & Card Member Services
❏ Cell Phone Provider
❏ Doctors
❏ Civil Organizations (charities, church, etc.)
❏ Health Clubs (Gym)
❏ House Cleaning Service
❏ Insurance Providers
❏ Pharmacy
❏ Family and Friends

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